Stop and smell the roses…or any of these flowers out on the prairie!

While we are out doing our daily nest-dragging, we sometimes don’t fully appreciate the beauty of the landscape that is all around us! As our instructor reminds us, we are focused on finishing the work that needs to be done that day, and not slowing down to enjoy this opportunity in the moment. She isn’t wrong when she says this so frequently because these reminders humble us. We don’t always stop to ‘smell the roses’ and take for granted the beauty out in these prairies. A lot of other jobs are stuck inside where they don’t get to see what we see everyday!

This post is a tribute to what we sometimes take for granted. It is nice to take a moment and enjoy the flora and fauna here on the Coteau & Davis Ranch.

Wild Prairie Rose-North Dakota’s State Flower!

A lone plumeless thistle, although they aren’t normally found by themselves out here!

Foxtail Barley-There are whole fields of this beautiful plant. They started out only inches tall in the first couple weeks and now they are reaching up to three feet tall!

A flock of black tern were sitting in the middle of the road. There was at least 30 of them!

A male yellow-headed blackbird watching us form a nearby marsh

Patches of this alfalfa are awesome to drive by out in the field!

The milkweed flower is my favorite one out in the field due to the unique flower it has!

Last but certainly not least, who doesn’t love a bright and beautiful sunset over the horizon?

We are very grateful being able to work in such nice conditions (weather permitting)! Thank you Susan, Ducks Unlimited, USGS, and other cooperators who have given us this possibility!

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