Real Duck Tails gets three new grants

We’re very excited to say that in the last month, this project has been awarded three different grants to help us continue.

First, the College of Arts & Sciences at the University of North Dakota, has given us two Undergraduate Research Awards, each for $3,500. These awards go directly to supporting the efforts of our undergraduate staff as they continue to work on projects exploring duck nesting, duck predators, wetlands and science communication. We’re very lucky to be in a college that is so supportive of involving undergraduates in active research projects.

Second, we have been awarded a $5,000 grant from the Myra Foundation based in Grand Forks. This support will help us get more equipment so we can bring even more of the story of our undergraduate research to the public through science communication. (And conduct research into science communication in the process.) In our application, we spoke about the need for better science communication particularly in rural areas, and we’re happy they see potential in us to accomplish just that.

In December, members of our team received a grant from the Myra Foundation directly from foundation President John Botsford (second from left). Also in the shot are ecology and evolutionary biology major Mason Lombard, fisheries and wildlife biology major Allicyn Nelson, communication major Collin Riley, and Dr. Susan Felege, project founder.

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