Our Mission

Through our communication, we want to show people what it’s like to be part of our project. In particular, we want share these three key messages:


1. We want to let people know about how duck behave, particularly what goes on at the duck nests and what affects the duck populations overall.

2. How much this project trains undergraduate students to do rigorous science, which is essential to the future of science and society.

3. Spread the knowledge about the importance of conservation for these duck populations in North Dakota for tourism, the hunting community, and our state’s general environmental health

Meet the Team

Sam Krohn

Fisheries and Wildlife Major

Senior, UND

I will be going into my second summer on this project. I am thrilled and very excited for this opportunity to work on this project again. As I switch from being a new intern to the role of one of the leaders, I cannot wait to watch the new interns see a hen flushed from her nest for the first time. Heading into this new field season we have a great team and I look forward to working with each member. I have been hunting waterfowl pretty much my entire life and getting to learn about waterfowl nesting ecology is a great experience. A fun fact about myself: I worked on an oil rig in western North Dakota for four years before continuing my academic career.

Jaylin Solberg

Fisheries and Wildlife Major

Sophomore, UND

I am very happy to join this team and get new experience as a wildlife intern. This project will be the first time I have gotten field experience and working with ducks so I am even more exited to be participating with it. I'm also excited to be working with a team that loves wildlife as much as I do and I can't wait to get the most out of this experience! I like to go hiking, whitewater rafting, ziplining, camping and everything outdoors.

John Palarski

Fisheries and Wildlife Major

Senior, UND

This will be my third summer on the project, and I am very proud to have been a part of its first year back in 2015. It’s been fantastic to watch it grow over the years as we went from two interns, to five of them now. As an avid duck hunter and outdoorsman, I find it very rewarding to work directly with waterfowl every day during the field season. It’s a phenomenal experience to combine my passion for the outdoors with my job. I look forward to sharing this passion with the new interns as they embark on their first field season. We have a lot of big plans and will continue to grow and expand our project! A fun fact about myself: I am originally from Wisconsin, but fell in love with this state and decided to switch my residency to North Dakota a year ago!

Mason Lombard

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Major

Senior, UND

I am very exited about the experience that this project will be giving me. I haven't had any experience with field work and my knowledge on duck behaviors is limited as I have not duck hunted before. This is why I am grateful I have the opportunity to get the research under my belt as well as learn about ducks in the process. I will be working in the field as well as running the social media pages to help communicate the research that we are working on.  A fun fact about myself: I was born on Leap Day, so I am only 5 years old!

Allicyn Nelson

Fisheries and Wildlife Major

Sophomore, UND

This is my first field season and I am beyond excited to start. I cannot wait to learn more about ducks and a lot of different wildlife techniques through this experience. I absolutely love wildlife and the outdoors so I couldn't think of a better summer job. I am extremely thankful for this opportunity as I am only going to be a sophomore this coming fall. This will not only be a great experience overall, but it will help me in many of my future classes. When I'm not busy with college, a few things I enjoy doing include hiking, snowboarding, kayaking, and canoeing.

Meet the Teachers

Dr. Susan Felege

Associate Professor UND

I am a wildlife ecologist in the Biology Department at UND with a passion for game birds and training the next generation of natural resource professionals.  I will be helping the students develop projects to study nesting ducks and their predators.  I am excited the project has expanded to incorporate science communication to help our students better tell the story of what wildlife biologists do and what we learn about the animals we study.  When I am not studying wildlife, I am hunting, fishing, hiking or camping.

Dr. Sarah Cavanah

Assistant Professor UND

I am a new faculty member at UND in the Communication Department, and am very excited to being joining this project. I'll be particularly working on helping the students become stronger science communicators.

I grew up in rural Missouri, and spent most weekends on the lake. My research interests are in rural news and information, which leads to my interest in better science communication for rural areas. I know that rural residents have just a strong — if not stronger — interest and need for quality science information that relates to their lives. After all, by definition, we live in the very heart of our ecosystems, agricultural bases and wildlife homes!